Choose from a variety of ordering methods, including handheld, POS or directly from our portal.

Save time ordering. With EasyTree’s fast laser scanning technology, and the latest catalog data from KeHE and your direct lines loaded onto one single handheld device, you will save many hours a week ordering.

Reduce order errors, mis-ships and out-of-stocks. With the EasyTree system, errors associated with order creation and submission will be substantially reduced, allowing you to avoid costly out-of-stock situations.

Shore up your margins. With electronic pricing updates, you will never be caught off-guard with wholesale price increases. Retailers can enhance their margins by maintaining accurate retail prices.

Buy into deep discount deals. With electronic deal notifications at the shelf, you will have the ability to capitalize on monthly deals from KeHE and your leading direct suppliers.

Perform In-store inventories. Now with EasyTree, you can inventory your store easily, and produce financial reports for your accountant in no time.